Cash Flow 101 The Game

Here is a learning game with real life situations though slightly exagerated which makes the game fun while teaching how to buy assets to support you instead of liabilities that continue to bring most people down. You can play this with children as well, making it a family bonding while learning experience for all. Learning the simplified financial sheet can take a little time to understand if you never used one before. In no time at all though you will understand how to use this great little financial tool even for your own finances. Do not be surprised when your 12 year old becomes financially free, in the game, before you do. The game also illustrates that sometimes its actually easier to get out of the rat race, or be financially free, if you are a mechanic rather than a doctor due to the liabilities that each group usually ends up with. Bit on the pricey side for a game, remember its an educational game, but what a great way to teach yourself, your spouse, and your children about money decisions all while having some fun doing it.

Recommendation 4 out of 5


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